How to Survive Your First Job

Starting a new job can be exciting. The feeling of starting in a new role, new office and new colleagues is a rather challenging. Often times, people struggle to survive in their first job. They do not know what to expect, adjusting to new bosses and their expectations, the work load, difficult colleagues and new working environment.

Below are some of the ways to help one survive in their first job.

  1. Understand your Job Description.

Often times, what people fear the most about starting their first job is about managing expectations. Understanding the Job description for which your services have been engaged is the first step to managing what to expect in the role.

A Job Description outlines the title of your position, Job overview, Responsibilities and Duties and who you report to. If you haven’t been given a Job Description, request for one.

  • Align with your direct reports on your KPIs

Key Performance indicators (KPIs) are conditions for which one’s performance will be measured against their role. It aligns the objectives of the business with your role in the business. Also, your career goals should align with the Key Performance indicator,

  • Make the right connections

Colleagues at the workplace can make or break you. Knowing which ones to associate more with will go a long way to help you succeed in your first job.

For example, experienced colleagues can help guide you to manage the demands or expectations of the company in respect to your role.

Getting to know your Cross functional team members is a great way to succeed in your first job. Every role connects with other to ensure the successful execution of work. Knowing who interfaces with your role helps to engage in the right conversations and to get things done effectively and on time.

  • Tap into learning opportunities

Abigail Adams, former first lady of the United States of America once said that Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.”

Anyone who is willing to learn is willing to improve on something. In a first job, being resourceful goes a long day to influence your career. The surest way to being resources is by availing yourself to learning opportunities.

These learning resources can be accessed through

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

Most first jobs are entry level roles. For these roles, it is assumed that, anyone can work in these roles.  But as seen so many times, entry level roles do set the right platform for you to build a successful career in an organization. To perform effectively and build a lasting career, one must know their strengths and weaknesses.

Self-Awareness is the beginning!

There is a science to discovering yourself (knowing your strengths, weaknesses and gaps. My3D provides such a tool to help individuals discover their true self and tap into development opportunities to develop their gaps.

Join millions of professionals worldwide to use internationally validated assessment tool to discover and develop yourself for LIFE SUCCESS including success in career, Entrepreneurship.

Gift Card Values

The amount on this card gives you value for one (1) eLearning course.
The amount on this card gives you value to take a Self-discovery assessment or some eLearning courses.
The amount on this card gives you value to take a Self-discovery assessment and some eLearning courses.
The amount on this card gives you value to take a Self-discovery assessment and some eLearning courses.
The amount on this card gives you value to take a Self-discovery assessments and eLearning courses.
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